Desemaranhar “unraveling”


Walking line by line with the tortured in Taratoras

Embark on a quest

Unravel the myths of worlds prior

Me being my best self helps unravel everything

Living to live life higher

Unravels many things.

Learning that forever is graspable

Clutch coupled in the iris

See the truth in brown eyes

pure wisdom before it’s years

In the guise of the younger

Heart beats steady with the thunder.

Shango, the original name of Thor.

First son of Atum or Odin the All Father

And the light stays purpose.

Passion trojans crossing oceans.

Would you rather be?

Omnipotent or merely bask in the presence.


Importing tea and most things that weren’t

Common to the main population

You can die today

Then be reborn, ride waves or make statements

Blooming lotus

That steadily remained faceless.

See through membranes paper thin

Through the eyes of my emissary

I found exactly what I’ve been searching for

Virgil guides me still..


Unravel many things.

Unravel everything...