Fear. Jon Stewart

Fear. Jon Stewart

I have a concept that draws from the understanding of DC universe characters. If you do not possess this knowledge, that is okay. My concept resonates with kindred spirits that know of the story of the Green Lantern. Perhaps, you’ve heard of it or have seen the movie starring, Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan.

The story of the Green Lantern begins with a group of celestial entities labeled the, Guardians, who harness one of the universes strongest forces(Will) and mold it into a physical power source dubbed a lantern. These entities created this “lantern” to help fight off negative forces(fear, anger...etc). Upon finishing this lantern, the guardians created batteries that get their charge from the lantern. In addition to the batteries they molded power rings. These power rings have the ability to choose their possessor based on the level of Will they’ve exerted. When a worthy candidate is perceived, the ring joins the being and become part of a galactic police force dubbed: The Green Lantern Corps.

The one who wields the power ring is granted an immense power of his/her mind & body and is now able to manifest physical constructs of pure energy simply by thinking as well as other  superpowers. Imagine that! The aura that is perceived around the ring bearer as an emerald green. One could say that the Lanterns green glow is really the glow from harnessing Will which is primarily focused through the heart. The heart chakra is also recognized as having an emerald green color. Amazingly enough the color of fear energy is yellow same as the solar plexus! Awesome stuff, right?!

Now with that delve into DC concept of: force of beings who are granted the ability to physically manifest & manipulate constructs of pure energy via a psycho-kinetic bond with a ring that runs in complement to a battery charged with energy that was forged by cosmic beings whom have harnessed the force of Will into a...lantern! Breathtaking that this was in a comic book!

This knowledge is astounding because now we’re able to acknowledge metaphysically that the true and most powerful enemy of will is indeed: fear. This concept is also adopted into this comic tale. A rogue Guardian is excommunicated from the Guardians home world for harnessing fear energy into a concentrated state similar to that of the will lantern. This subsequently enables this rogue guardian to prepare a ring forged in the fires of fear. Fear is the natural enemy of will. It may even be considered in some schools of thought as its polar opposite. This is felt because will power is guided by the heart. Essentially, I transmuted this understanding into knowing that if fear stifles will power then we ultimately have to erase fear from the equation, in its entirety!

For many who don’t know the Green Lantern characters, there was a black character introduced, he is John Stewart. He was selected to become a part of the Green Lantern Corps to assist Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner, two of earths first Green Lanterns after Gardner became injured. Many people know that I love comics but to have a black character that is also essentially indestructible based on the level of his will power automatically resonated with me!

I’ve done what many people do in superhero emulation when they ask each other, “what superpower would you have?” I know a lot of people like Superman or Wolverine..maybe even Spidey(Spider-Man). However, given the choice, I’d gladly put my self in the shoes of a power ring wielding badass character!

Fear. Jon Stewart is a warning of sorts telling my self and whomever the saying resonates with that fear is not an option or alternative. Similar to the alarm the robot would have in Lost In Space, “Danger Will Robinson” Below it can heard in the second verse of my song, Gladstone. Which was released in March 2018 on The Golden Lotus EP. Check it out!



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