As Far As Rap Goes 7: The Abyssinian Archive pt.1

The Abyssinian Archive is a dope collection of tracks I did with handful of dope artists. We got together usually on the weekends and hung out and write a couple verses and play beats, naturally. It turns out each of these tracks happened on a Sunday. In hip-hop, we can call that a Cipher Sunday. 

The name Abyssinian came from my traverse into different genres when I was studying music anthropology. The Abyssinians are a reggae band from Jamaica but the word Abyssinian also stood for a kind of people that inhabited the Horn of Africa. 

This name is more of a time stamp for me in knowing that all of the tracks but one took place on a Sunday. Shout to Kenyattah Black, Disco, Fawkes, Frankie Blanco, Burna, J. Guillotine, Ron Hendricks & FinerThings!

I’m excited to share these tracks with you. I'll start it off with the track I did with my boy, Disco. We called it: Rayban Roulette! Enjoy!!! 


Andrew Campbell