Mind Over Matter

In my understanding, when the word “matter” is being observed this normally would bring the mental picture of a man lifting a weight  thought to be immense. Perhaps, even the image of a Shaolin monk balancing themselves a top a near impossible medium would come to mind. These thoughts are all based on social conditioning that tells us matter can only be a tangible object we can physically interact with.

Through reflection on this topic I noticed my self welcoming another side of this conversation. When stating matter one can remember their parent asking this memorable phrase, “what’s the matter” which suggests there’s an issue or a resolution must be made. 

Consequently with this newer understanding, I’m able to say that “mind over matter” can be an actual circumstance/obstacle we have to overcome. Think of “over” as literally jumping a hurdle and it becomes clear that the only way around said hurdle is within our minds. This implies that we must use the mind to essentially move through/overcome/pass matters that arise. I’m sure that seems elementary but just look back into a situation that made you angry and felt it was impossible to get past. 

Then realize you are in fact looking back and bearing witness to yourself using “mind over matter”. 

Below is a picture of Buddhist monks during a Harvard study. (no rights necessary)